The gluten-free, vegan, organic vending machine of the future

One of your customers' main gripes is that healthy food isn't readily available on-the-go: at airports, hospitals and even universities. As a vegan, it's one of my main gripes, too.

So I got very excited to learn about a new vending machine spotted at Denver, Colo.'s, Auraria Campus.

While it may have one of the cheesiest product names ever, 2bU is the vending machine for the healthy lifestyle consumer.

2bU vending machineFrom Canteen, the nation's largest vending machine company, this vending machine skips the Lay's and M&Ms and instead offers gluten-free, vegan, organic, allergen-free, kosher, and local products.

That's right: This machine is like a mini-Natural Products Expo.

Not just healthy—eco-friendly, too

But 2bU (again, the name!) doesn't just stock healthy products. The machine is Energy-Star rated and has motion sensor dimmers to conserve energy when consumers aren't browsing its goods.

What really makes this the vending machine of the future, however, is an LCD screen that lets customers view nutritional information for each product.

For natural manufacturers, this is another place to think about distributing your food products. And another place for me, and all other healthy lifestyle consumers, to eat them.

Do you think this type of vending machine is the future or just a gimmick? Share in the comments.

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