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Shara Blog

Natural customer loyalty – in a catchy little ditty

Talk about singing the praises of our industry. A guy named Carl is so passionate about his favorite store, he made a commercial for it on his Treo (before he accidentally backed over it with his car). Trader Joe’s doesn’t run commercials. After watching Carl’s ode to the store it becomes clear why they don’t need to. He celebrates the quirky and the quintessential TJ’s: “It’s the cashews flavored with cilantro and lime, It’s the bunch of bananas, you buy one at a time….” “It’s cylindrical salmon, It’s pills that fizz, It’s aloe chunk juice, Whatever that is....” “It’s the beautiful moms in their yoga clothes It’s our favorite place, It’s that store Trader Joe’s.” Like the best shops in our industry, this guy’s Trader Joe’s clearly created a personal connection with Carl, whoever he is. A quick perusal of youtube didn’t uncover any ditties to conventional stores. Does your store inspire shoppers?

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