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12 natural products branding trends to know now

Correctly branding your product is vital to its success, yet so difficult to nail down. Be sure it's authentic and trendy with these expert ideas.

Of the many things natural products companies need to be successful, branding might be the most important. Through tightly aligned visuals, voice and other elements, a brand must convey its identity, values, mission, message and differentiation in a way that truly resonates with its target audience.

Though each natural products brand is unique, some notable branding trends ripple through the industry: Certain design motifs, typographies and other features pop up across categories.

But of course, trends are never hard-and-fast rules.

"There is always a contrarian success story to every trend," says Derek Springston, partner and chief creative officer at Moxie Sozo, a full-service branding and creative agency. "If the trend is colorful, bold and loud, there is always a subtle, clean, quiet brand that becomes successful."

It all really depends on who a brand truly is at its core, as well who it is targeting. "Branding needs to be authentic," says Josh Schall, owner and president of CPG brand-building firm J. Schall Consulting. "So when looking at trends, companies must think about how they align with the brands they are trying to build and the products they offer. If you're just searching for trends, ultimately, you will be a bit behind and not look like yourself."

Or worse.

"It doesn't matter if a certain style is hot—it doesn't resonate with your audience, it won't work," says Evan Faber, CEO and chief strategist at Moxie Sozo.

Keeping all that in mind, here are 12 branding trends seen throughout the natural products industry right now.

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