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Crew indicted for stealing $152K of GNC fish oil

 Officials busted a cargo theft ring in New Jersey for heisting and fencing $1.5 million worth in goods, including the omega-3s. 

Clearly, some customers are not at all concerned about the New York State Attorney’s GNC investigation. New Jersey authorities recently busted a dozen guys for a cargo theft ring that heisted tractor trailers containing $1.5 million in goods, including $152,000 in fish oil capsules.
The men stole the omegas in May in Paterson, New Jersey. They were recovered at a furniture store in Hillside, New Jew Jersey.
“We allege that this ring was stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in cargo and transporting it through New Jersey on a regular basis so that they could fence the stolen products and reap major profits,” Acting Attorney General Hoffman told Paterson news outlet, “Their conspiracy did not stop at our state borders, and neither did our investigation, thanks to our partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. We tracked these alleged thieves across three states and hundreds of miles of highway to ensure that they were held accountable for the full scope of their crimes.”
The defendants face various charges including conspiracy, money laundering, theft, fencing, burglary and receiving stolen property, reports the AP. In addition to stealing the supps, the men also grabbed $23,000 worth of Guinness Stout, $120,000 worth of catalytic converters and $80,000 worth of perfume (perhaps to mask any fish-oil breath?)
The bust can only help the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s national promotional campaign, though perhaps they can addend the slogan “Omega-3s, Always a Good Idea” to “Omega-3’s, Always a Good Idea Unless You’re Fencing Them.”


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