Double-barreled disease blaster: Curcumin

Curcumin fights oxidation, inflammation and the resulting disease writes Terry Lemerond.

Two major factors contribute to disease and there’s a natural compound that addresses them both.

Nutrition industry legend Terry Lemerond, who heads up supplements manufacturing company EuroPharma, outlines the power of high-absorption curcumin in fighting diabetes, Alzheimer’s, IBS, depression and more in a recent edition of "Terry Talks Nutrition" his online series. The botanical fights both oxidation and inflammation.

“Curcumin not only addresses these causes of disease, it has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years and has been the focus of over 5,000 published studies, so you know it gets results,” he writes. “This amazing botanical is the single most helpful natural ingredient you can take for almost every disease or illness.”

Plus, curcumin is safe, even in large doses. “No toxicity issues have been reported for curcumin, even when used in dosages as high as 10 grams or more daily,” Lemerond writes.

What could be better than curcumin? Curcumin 2.0 – a process that makes the botanical more highly bioavailable. Researchers are developing new ways to increase the power of curcumin, according to a review of recent research written by Amy C. Keller, PhD, published in the March edition of the American Botanical Council’s HerbClip.

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