Healthie Selfies

Cornell researchers are perfecting a smartphone app and attachment that reads cholesterol and vitamin D levels.

Need to know your vitamin D level right this very minute? There’s an app for that. Researchers have created a smartphone app and snap-on gizmo for your device that lets you take a selfie of your cholesterol and vitamin D levels.

Techno-savvy eggheads at Cornell University designed an app and a Smart Cholesterol Application for Rapid Diagnostics, or smartCARD, that can give you a reading on your levels with a single drop of blood, saliva or sweat. The invention was mentioned on medical and

“In two minutes it spits out…what your cholesterol level is today, right now," David Erickson, a biomedical engineer at Cornell who worked on the project, told The smartCARD won’t be ready for the market for a few years. (Today you can use your smartphone to get immediate info from QR codes on vitamin supplements, however.)

The device is simpler than at-home testing kits now available on the market. Clip the gizmo, which looks like a credit card reader, onto your phone. Drop a sample of blood, sweat or spit (tears don’t work) on a test strip. Take a picture of it. The device processes the image of the blood reacting to the test strip. Within moments, it will determine your cholesterol and vitamin D levels from that image. It’s today’s version of taking a Polaroid of your blood. Then, of course, you can share it on Facebook.

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