HI-MAIZE resistant starch approved by Health Canada

Health Canada approves HI-MAIZE® resistant starch as a novel fiber source.

Ingredion Incorporated, a leading global provider of ingredient solutions, today announced that Health Canada approved HI-MAIZE® resistant starch as a novel fiber source. HI-MAIZE is marketed in Canada by Ingredion Canada Incorporated

This recent approval is a part of Health Canada’s revised Policy for Labeling and Advertising of Dietary Fibre-Containing Food Products, introduced in February 2012. The approval allows for HI-MAIZE resistant starch to be declared as a fiber source in food products as permitted by the Canadian Food Regulations.

HI-MAIZE has long been declared a dietary fiber in the U.S. and its numerous health related benefits have been validated by more than 200 scientific publications. “We are extremely pleased to receive yet another recognition and approval by Health Canada for one of our novel nutrition ingredients,” said Rob Kee, Vice President and Managing Director for Ingredion Canada Incorporated. “There is a significant body of evidence supporting the many benefits of HI-MAIZE resistant starch, and we look forward to working with our customers to develop product innovations to deliver these benefits to Canadian consumers.”

Ingredion has been marketing HI-MAIZE resistant starch as a dietary fiber with proven health related benefits in weight and energy management and as well as glycemic and digestive health in North America for more than 15 years. It is a fine, white starch which invisibly substitutes for flour in foods such as baked goods, pasta, snacks, pizza and delivers textural advantages compared to other types of insoluble dietary fibers.

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