Faithful or fickle? Financially-driven consumer shopping choices – webinar

March 30, 2023


Date: Mar 30, 2023

Despite inflation falling for seven months straight, consumers are still battling rising grocery prices. With continued sticker shock, are they staying true to their preferred brands—or are they sacrificing staples for more affordable options?

Join Melissa Dunn, SVP of Enterprise Marketing at Suzy and Eric Pierce, VP of Business Insights at New Hope Network, as they explore how consumers are shopping in 2023 and what this means for brand loyalty. Tune in to unpack:

  • The grocery items that have the most price elasticity

  • What sacrifices consumers will make in the face of continued inflation

  • How shopping habits are changing in 2023


Melissa Dunn.jpg
Melissa Dunn
Senior Vice President of Marketing, Suzy

Eric Pierce head shot.jpg
Eric Pierce
Vice President of Business Insights, New Hope Network

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