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The rising alt-meat tide increasingly includes seafood alternatives

Ocean Huggers alternative fish sushi seafood ocean huggers
In a four-part series, we take a look at up-and-coming alternative-protein companies, what they make and how they make it. Dive in and see what some alt-seafood and alt-fish brands are planning to launch.

As more and more consumers look to plant-based foods, a rising tide of companies is responding with alternatives for their favorite meat, and increasingly seafood, products.

Finless Foods

Replacing: fish and seafood, starting with bluefin tuna.
How it’s made: “cellular-agriculture technologies” are used to grow marine animal cells — creating fish and seafood products. “It’s not ‘lab food,’ it’s not vegetarian. It’s real, fresh fish,” produced on-shore, the website explains.
Market standing: still in development.

Good Catch

Replacing: tuna.
Main ingredients: a blend of pea, soy, lentil and faba protein, and chickpea and navy bean flours.
Market standing: limited retail—Whole Foods, Thrive Market and FreshDirect.

New Wave Foods

Replacing: shrimp.
Main ingredients: seaweed and soy protein.
Market standing: early-stage foodservice, and taking requests for wholesale as they expand their geographic reach.

Ocean Hugger Foods

Replacing: tuna (branded Ahimi).
Main ingredients: tomato. (Next products will be a carrot-based salmon alternative and an eggplant-based eel alternative.)
Market standing: Food service, including restaurants and in-store sushi counters. The “Sakimi” and “Unami” will launch in the “near future.”

Prime Roots

Replacing: salmon. Formerly known as Terramino, the company will soon expand to other seafood as well as meat offerings.
Main ingredient: Fungi, transformed into its signature “superprotein” through fermentation.
Market standing: in development, estimated launch early 2020.

Sophie’s Kitchen

Replacing: seafood, from crabcakes to breaded scallops to smoked salmon.
Main ingredients: varies, but pea protein and konjac powder are some of the top ingredients.
Market standing: retail, select locations nationwide and online.

Tofuna Fysh

Replacing: tuna salad and fish sauce.
Main ingredients: jackfruit and seaweed.
Market standing: Tofuna’s veggie salad is available for food service. The Fysh sauce is sold at retail, with more products under development.

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