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Unboxed: 7 dairy alternatives that spotlight organic oats

These Certified Organic products represent some of the newest organic oat innovations in plant-based dairy.

Remember way back in 2019 when the world seemed a much simpler place to inhabit and oatmilks were just starting to generate a crazy amount of buzz in the weeks leading up to Natural Products Expo West?

If only we had known then that 2019 would be our last in-person Natural Products Expo West for a while, and oats would continue to rise as one of the hottest ingredients in alternative dairy products. We might have hugged each other tighter and bought stock in some of the oat up-and-comers that were hitting the market.

Part of the continued success of this grain-forward alternative dairy ingredient is because of the great versatility of oats in myriad plant-based dairy products. In products ranging from alternative milk to creamer, ice cream, yogurt, butter and other analogues, oats are not only a fantastic nut-free option for those who need it, but they also typically lend a mild taste, creamy texture and added nutritional benefits to them.

According to SPINS data for the Natural Enhanced Channel and Conventional MULO for the 52 weeks ending on Aug. 8, 2021, the attribute “oatmilk” is up by a whopping 92%—trailed far behind by peamilk at just 15%. It’s no wonder that a new report from Reports and Data estimates that the global oatmilk market will reach $6.47 billion by 2027.

And did we mention how much we love how many oatmilk brands have achieved USDA Organic certification? Check out this gallery of some of the newest iterations in oat-based dairy to hit store shelves, ALL of which are USDA Organic certified.

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