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Healthy detox and weight loss education tools

Healthy detox and weight loss education tools
Detox and weight loss resolutions are in full swing. But the harsh reality is that only 8 percent of us achieve them. This free Healthy Detox and Weight Loss Tool Kit is packed with employee and customer education materials focused on research-backed supplements, delicious food ideas and important stats to promote health success in 2014. 

It’s that time of year. We trade our flutes of champagne for (BPA-free) water bottles filled with green tea. We swear off sugar. And wheat. And (gasp) coffee. We hit the gym a few extra times per week and stop cheating when we count our calories.

Detox and weight-loss resolutions are in full swing. But the harsh reality is that only 8 percent of us achieve our start-of-year goals. Unreasonable expectations, “quick fixes” and lack of trusted resources lead to short-term (if any) results, rather than improved health for the long-haul. These efforts, without understanding the greater health and wellness implications, are often made in vain. 

This month, educate your staff and customers about a holistic, sustainable approach to detox and weight loss that will promote overall well-being with New Hope Natural Media and Nutrigold's Healthy Detox and Weight Loss Tool Kit. These free resources will maximize two key product categories and create the foundation for a healthier 2014—and beyond.  

         4 downloads for employee and customer education

  • How to prepare customers for detox. Know the definitions, common side effects and personalized plans to prep customers for a successful cleanse.
  • Manage your store's weight loss products. Questions to ask, best practices and education efforts: these 9 tips will help you stock and merchandise quality diet products.
  • 11 strategies to help customers lose weight for good. Offer more than just a quick fix with advice focused on keeping weight in check for the long haul.  
  • Basic Detox Plan. Post this detox-basics infographic in your store, use it to educate staff and email it to your customers.

Consumer Guide

  • Healthy Detox and Weight Loss Guide. From tasty detox recipes to you-can-do-it dieting advice and top supplements, this interactive guide is the perfect gift for customers as they continue on their health journey.

Live events 

  • Join us on January 16 at 2 p.m. ET for a Twitter chat that will answer top questions about the detox and weight loss categories, while connecting brands and retailers with their customers.
  • Save the date: On January 23 at 2 p.m. ET, we’re hosting a webinar that will take a deeper dive into the science supporting the top natural weight loss ingredients


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