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5@5: ‘Carbon-free’ power bill has a catch | Are men chicken to admit being vegetarians?5@5: ‘Carbon-free’ power bill has a catch | Are men chicken to admit being vegetarians?

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September 1, 2018

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5@5: ‘Carbon-free’ power bill has a catch  | Are men chicken to admit being vegetarians?
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California wants all of its electricity carbon-free. How’s that possible?

California’s lawmakers want all electricity in the state to come from zero-carbon sources within 27 years. It’s not clear that Gov. Jerry Brown will sign the bill, however. And, on a close read, the bill doesn’t require “renewable” energy sources; specifying “carbon-free” allows for electricity from hydroelectric dams, nuclear reactors and new technologies that aren’t yet feasible. Read more at Grist ...


Got milk? Or was that really a plant beverage?

What is milk? Must it come from a lactating mammal? As more consumers choose dairy alternatives—sales rose 9 percent between June 2017 and June 2018, while cow’s milk sales dropped 6 percent—the dairy industry is on the defensive. No matter what the companies want to call the nondairy beverages, though, baristas are confident that their customers will still call them milk. Read more at The New York Times


Men are embarrassed to order vegetarian food, British study finds

The Man Food Project, a study of 22 British men who consumed limited amounts of meat, found that men are embarrassed to not eat meat when they are dining with other men. The researchers brought the men together in a series of cooking workshops. In one session, a longtime vegetarian asked the other men if they ever feel ashamed about being vegetarians; many said they did. Read more at Munchies


Starbucks’ Frappuccino gets a sugar makeover

As consumers try to reduce their sugar intake, they have backed off from drinking Starbucks’ Frappuccino beverages. But the company wanted to keep the flavor. To achieve both goals, they tested more than 20 different creams, 70 varieties of vanillas and designed a new bottle. The new product is being tested at 600 stores in California, Missouri and Rhode Island. Read more at The Wall Street Journal


Britain gets serious about curbing plastic waste

It seems that Sir David Attenborough has convinced Queen Elizabeth II to ban single-use plastic from the grounds of all royal estates, including employee lunchrooms. China plates will be used at eateries open to the public, and biodegradable products will be offered at the cafes. Even the royal family members are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprints, while solar energy panels are being installed at Buckingham Palace. Read more at Mother Nature Network

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