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5@5: Corporate drone delivery is almost here | Kellogg settles 'healthy' cereal lawsuit with $20M5@5: Corporate drone delivery is almost here | Kellogg settles 'healthy' cereal lawsuit with $20M

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October 25, 2019

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How Amazon, Alphabet and Uber are taking to the skies

While wide-scale commercial drone delivery will take years to build out, companies like Amazon and Uber have already developed the technology needed to take to the skies and are planning on rolling it out in select areas by the end of the year. The United Parcel Service this week also gained permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to implement unmanned aircrafts to deliver health supplies and packages to consumers. Read more at The Wall Street Journal

Kellogg agrees to stop marketing sugary cereals as ‘healthy’

Kellogg must now significantly change its marketing strategy thanks to a lawsuit that alleged the company has been misleading consumers by using words like “wholesome,” “nutritious” and “healthy” to market its sugar-laden products. Kellogg will also have to fork over millions of dollars to anyone who bought its Frosted Mini-Wheats, Raisin Bran, Krave and Smart Start cereals—in addition to its Nutri-Grain bars—since August 29, 2012 in the coming year. Read more at New Food Economy

New ‘chaos map’ shows global violent unrest from food insecurity

Academics have constructed an interactive map that plots 1,300 deaths due to food, water or fuel insecurity from 2005 to 2017. Researchers hope the map “will help connect the dots on how these types of events unfold and identify key ‘triggers’ in society,” as well as incentivize governments to invest in resilient food and water systems. Read more at Modern Farmer

Iowa's farmers—and American eaters—need a national discussion on transforming US agriculture

Farmers are acutely aware of the effect that industrial agriculture has on the earth, but operational, financial and social conditions are slowing down the mass shift to more economically and environmentally sustainable farming methods. Macro-scale forces, however, will likely push farmers and landowners to work together in public-private partnerships within the next decade to increase crop diversity, expand conservation methods and develop the necessary markets and infrastructure. Read more at The Conversation

Corporate America has sapped ‘green’ of meaning

While “green” is plastered on many a natural-leaning product, the inherent ambiguity of the term means that consumers are often feeling good about their “green” purchases even if they aren’t actually better for the environment. According to one expert, the newly coined phrase “green capitalism”—vision of capitalism wherein growth comes without destruction—defies market logic because it is ever expanding and the world’s ecologies have their limits. Read more at New Republic

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