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5@5: Essential workers prepare to strike | Industry consolidation created today's meat shortages5@5: Essential workers prepare to strike | Industry consolidation created today's meat shortages

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April 29, 2020

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coronavirus food delivery strike

Essential workers plan strike against Amazon, Shipt, Whole Foods and Instacart

This Friday, International Workers Day, a coalition of employees from some of America's biggest companies are planning on either calling out sick or partaking in storefront demonstrations. They are hoping the one-day strike will make an impression on companies that they say have profited immensely in the era of COVID-19 at the expense of their workforce's health. Employees are asking for mandatory two-week shutdowns of buildings with positive cases as well as more personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies. Read more at Newsweek


Tyson Foods helped create the meat crisis it warns against

Tyson Foods' attention-grabbing ad calling out a "breaking" U.S. food supply chain is somewhat hypocritical, as the company is one of three companies that sell roughly two-thirds of America's beef, pork and chicken. The bulk of this meat is processed in a few dozen very large plants—12 of which have been affected by COVID-19 shutdowns; meat prices have already begun to surge as a result. The crisis, as one expert points out, is in processing methods rather than supply. Read more at Bloomberg


The worst rebrand in the history of orange juice

Tropicana's 2009 rebrand lost the company 20% of their revenue, roughly $20 million, in just one month. The problem? While beautiful designs are important for eye-catching purposes, if they don't serve a function consumers are less likely to choose them in the split second it takes to pick one brand over another. In other words, information trumps presentation. Read more at Medium… 


Meat plant workers to Trump: Employees aren't going to show up

While President Trump can keep meat plants open as essential infrastructure, he can't force wary employees to show up to unsafe working conditions; while "liability protections" have been hinted at, these measures have not been fully explained. 20 meatpacking and food processing workers have died of COVID-19 so far. Read more at CNN


Are starchy snacks or sports supplements better for muscle recovery?

Potato-based snacks and sports supplements were found to be equally efficient in terms of replenishing glycogen in both women and men. What this means is that endurance athletes can have as diverse a diet as they would like, as long as they are consuming enough carbohydrates. Read more at Medical News Today

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