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5@5: How wellness culture changed drinking habits in 2019 | Big Ag convenes to discuss climate action5@5: How wellness culture changed drinking habits in 2019 | Big Ag convenes to discuss climate action

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December 9, 2019

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2019 saw a dramatic shift in the way Americans drink

The alcohol industry took aim at the sober-curious wellness crowd this year, launching spiked beverages marketed as workout recovery tools and lowering the amounts of added sugar or carbs in a wide variety of products. More and more U.S. consumers are beginning to view the alcoholic beverages they drink in the same way they view their food choices–specifically, as a way to express one's identity rather than with the lone goal of inebriation. Read more at Vox... 

How a closed-door meeting shows farmers are waking up on climate change

America's farmers are struggling in the wake of climate change-related crop shortages and a crippling trade war under the Trump administration. And while this has led to an acceleration of interest in conversations about climate issues, farm country has been notoriously cagey about accepting the fact that mainstream growing practices have directly caused the vast majority of environmental ills in the area. Read more at Politico...

Impossible Foods ranks fourth among America's fastest-growing brands

According to a new report, Impossible Foods is the fourth fastest-growing American brand in 2019. The plant-based burger brand was only preceded by DoorDash, White Claw and Postmates. Interestingly, Impossible Foods scored highest in terms of recognizability with boomers, and didn't register as well with Gen Z or millennials. Read more at Quartz...

Can the Cosmic Crisp apple live up to huge expectations

The much-hyped Cosmic Crisp apple is receiving mixed reviews after launching on the West Coast and at Kroger stores nationwide. Growers have planted 12 million trees in anticipation of the apple's new ardent fans, but the elevated price is also a factor shoppers will have to consider as the Cosmic Crisp costs $5.99 per pound (as opposed to the average $1.62 per pound) according to Business Insider. Read more at New Food Economy...

Eat for 10 hours, fast for 14. This daily habit prompts weight loss, study finds

Limiting one's daily eating window to 10 hours has been shown to support weight loss and improve cholesterol and blood pressure levels in overweight individuals. Researchers didn't ask participants in the study to alter their diets, which led them to conclude that a fasting state of as little as 12 hours can have beneficial effects on human health. Read more at NPR...

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