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5@5: Oregon law mandates cage-free eggs by 2024 | Wellness movement infiltrates car design5@5: Oregon law mandates cage-free eggs by 2024 | Wellness movement infiltrates car design

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August 14, 2019

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Vital Farms pasture-raised eggs
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New Oregon law mandates cage-free eggs by 2024

By 2024 all eggs produced or sold in Oregon will come from cage-free hens. California, Washington and Massachusetts have all passed similar laws, but 90% of chickens in the U.S. will continue living in cramped conditions. Read more at Oregon Live …


The wellness movement has infiltrated car design

Carmakers are jumping headfirst into the wellness movement by incorporating features such as mood-enhancing sensors that are triggered based on a driver’s physical and emotional state and seats that can support better blood circulation based on heart rate interpretations from the steering wheel. These innovations, it would seem, are worthwhile—a recent IKEA study showed that 45% of survey respondents retreat to their parked car outside their home for a moment of peace. Read more at Quartz …


Red Lobster will not be selling ‘terrible’ plant-based seafood

Red Lobster CEO Kim Lopdrup recently stated that the seafood chain will not be selling plant-based seafood because it is “terrible.” He also argued that the options currently on the menu—such as the Summer Power Bowl—are healthier than processed plant-based ingredients engineered to taste and look like fish. Read more at CNBC …


Is grass-fed beef really better for the planet? Here’s the science

The grass-fed movement is based on regenerative agriculture, which holds that ruminant populations raised in a particular way can help heal the ecosystem. However, despite grass-fed’s clear-cut wins in terms of overall animal welfare, the science is still unclear in terms of whether feedlot or grass-fed has a smaller carbon footprint. Read more at NPR …


Oatly and the quest for the perfect alt-milk

Once upon a time we were a soy milk-loving nation; then, almond milk began outselling soy almost three to one. But oat milk seems to be the perfect marriage of taste and relative environmental friendliness that will win consumers over for the long term. Read more at Vox …

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