9 ways brands can optimize their Spark Change Product Discovery Zone presences

Exhibitors that keep their Product Discovery Zone in tip-top shape are better positioned to forge connections and get noticed.

New Hope Network staff

September 10, 2020

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spark change product discovery zone

Now that the first Spark Change event is over (and the second fast approaching), brands must make sure they are keeping their Product Discovery Zone (PDZ) presences optimized during the next few months in order to get the most out of the Spark Change platform. 

Follow the helpful tips below to make the most of the virtual exhibiting experience:

1. Try to stand out from the crowd.

Figuring out how to distinguish a virtual booth from its competitors' is of the utmost importance. Brands should think of something outside the box after reviewing competitor brands' PDZ presences that will draw (and keep) attention.

2. Showcase new or flagship products.

Upload up to 15 new or flagship products to highlight for Spark Change participants; these are what drive traffic to the Product Discovery Zone. It's easier to get people interested in a brand and its story after they've discovered its products' novelty and innovation.

3. A good profile video is key.

Think of the profile video as the booth build. This is a brand's theme and design, and should be formulated to inspire others.

If the profile video is the booth design, the sidebar banner is the flashing neon sign. Brands should upload new photos throughout the 12-week event to keep driving traffic to their Product Discovery Zone.

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5. Make important documents accessible.

Don't forget to include important documents like sales sheets or press releases, and add links to showcase the brand's story. Many different types of files can be uploaded to the platform.

6. Update and add to the Product Discovery Zone throughout the entire 12-week event.

Companies should continue to revamp profile videos, sidebar banners and even products to showcase new and exciting updates that align with Community Event themes. New and fresh content will keep visitors coming back again and again to PDZ profiles.

7. Bookmark the Spark Change platform and check back regularly to respond to connection requests and chats.

Brands can download the mobile app to receive automatic push notifications about new activity. At least one team member should have the app so the brand doesn’t miss any important meeting opportunities.

8. Get whole teams engaged.

Based on different roles or areas of interest, each team member can engage with different types of people. A great place to engage with the Spark Change audience is in the Community and Session chats. 

And make that outreach personal! Filter to find the target audience type and send a connection request to share some information or schedule a meeting to explain what makes a given brand special. 

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Check out the Exhibitor How-To guide for more tips, and register for Spark Change here.

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