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Why your brand should consider getting a line of creditWhy your brand should consider getting a line of credit

Ben Brachot of Dwight Funding explains why and when you should think about obtaining a supplemental line of credit.

Cameron Simcik

July 18, 2019

Building a natural product brand from the ground up is, of course, expensive. Between funding inventory, growing a team and many unforeseen expenses, money needs can add up fast. While the traditional route is to raise equity, Ben Brachot urges brands to also consider a line of credit.

So when is the right time to pursue a line of credit? And how can you find the right funding partner?

Brachot covers it all in this video.

Brachot is the co-founder and managing director of Dwight Funding, a firm that provides flexible, tailored funding solutions at competitive rates to meet the unique needs of businesses. He works closely with natural product brands and understands the nuances of funding within the industry.

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Cameron Simcik

Community & Conference Content Coordinator, New Hope Network

Cameron is a certified nutritionist passionate about elevating emerging natural products brands through writing and conference programming and bringing holistic health to the masses.

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