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LL Magnetic Clay changes name to Enviromedica

LL Magnetic Clay's new name, Enviromedica, will act as an umbrella for the sub-brands the company manufactures and distributes.

LL Magnetic Clay, a leading manufacturer of naturally derived products based on the principles of evolutionary medicine, is changing its name to Enviromedica.

The new name will act as an umbrella brand for the various sub-brands the company manufactures and distributes: the Ancient Minerals brand of topical magnesium sprays, lotions, and baths; the Magnetic Clay brand of detoxifying clay baths; the Edible Earth brand of mineral-rich ingestible clay; and the Prescript-Assist brand of clinically tested probiotics. These sub-brands will not disappear with the rename; they will simply be united under one common brand.

At its most basic level, the name “Enviromedica” communicates what the company does: source remedies from the environment, in the form of healing clays, soil-based organisms, and ancient sea beds.

But to Jared Ramirez, CEO, the name means much more. It reflects the company’s mission to further the principles of evolutionary medicine, a new paradigm of healing that uses evolutionary theory to understand what drives the human body toward or away from health. Evolutionary medicine holds that because our physiology was forged directly from our relationship with our ancestral environment, it is necessary to look back at the evolutionary forces that shaped us in order to truly understand how it performs.

President, Judy Phillips, echoes this sentiment. “We wanted a name to properly portray that our products are Earth-based. This name really speaks volumes as to who we are; that we are more interested in a better quality of life for people through natural means as opposed to pharmaceuticals.”

In keeping with this mission, all of Enviromedica’s products feature elements of origin: pristine reservoirs of natural nutrition that were once provided by the ancestral environment, but that are sorely lacking in the industrialized world.

Ramirez points out that while supplementation has become increasingly complex, the environment co-evolved with humans to provide us with everything we need in perfect balance. For example, the company’s Ancient Minerals transdermal magnesium products deliver highly bioavailable magnesium chloride derived from concentrated evaporated seawater deposits in the Zechstein seabed, which lies two miles below the ground in Northern Europe. As such, in addition to magnesium, it also provides a whole host of trace minerals that occur with magnesium in nature. This eliminates the worry endemic to supplements made with high-potency USP isolates that getting too much of one nutrient will deplete another, or that taking one nutrient without another will be harmful. Nature knows what we need.

If you look to the earth, there’s a lot of intelligence there — intelligence that is far beyond the understanding that we could hope to come to in this lifetime or 500 lifetimes,” states Ramirez. “There’s an intelligence that’s built into us through evolutionary biology, and it’s greater than us.” Enviromedica embodies a respect for that intelligence. Hope Foster-Reyes, vice president of marketing, points out that in addition to this macro relationship that the human race has to the environment, each of us has our own individual relationship to it as well.

What we expose ourselves to in the environment can either produce a system that’s in balance or a system that’s out of balance,” she states. For that reason, Enviromedica puts tremendous importance on finding the most pristine sources for its ingredients, which are virtually untouched by human activity and free of contaminants. “It’s not just how we as a race relate to the environment, but the way that we as individuals sustain our own health by respecting what we expose ourselves to on a day-to-day basis,” Foster-Reyes explains.

The new parent name will be rolled out gradually over the coming year in two phases. During the first phase, “Enviromedica” will begin to appear on the company’s packaging, marketing materials, and website; however, the look and feel of these elements will not change. During the second phase, all of the products will come together under a unified new look and feel, yet still retain their sub-brand identities in order to ensure that loyal customers can still find and recognize the products they’ve come to love.


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