Nature's Formulary relocates

Nature's Formulary relocates

Natural product industry’s oldest marketer of Ayurvedic products has moved to Round Lake, N.Y.

The natural product industry’s oldest marketer of Ayurvedic products has relocated to Round Lake, N.Y. The new location is just 12 miles south of the city of Saratoga Springs.

“The size of the new location better suits our expanding business,” indicated P. K. Dave, president of the company. “In addition, we are now much closer to the staff’s residences; reducing commuting time, and reducing the use of fossil fuels.” Also, the new facility is a brand new building and constructed with a purpose of being very energy efficient.

Nature’s Formulary is the natural products industry’s oldest marketer of Ayurvedic products including herbal supplements and personal care products. All of the company’s products are based on Ayurvedic medicine, a 4000 years old science of health care developed in India. Consistent with Ayurvedic philosophy, Nature’s Formulary has always believed in empowering consumers to make their own health care decisions and offers the industry’s broadest educational programs. The company’s products are available throughout the USA at health food stores and online at Nature’s formulary products are manufactured and packaged in the USA in FDA inspected facilities.

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