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The rise of sustainable business – eGuide

The rise of sustainable business – eGuide
Consumers are increasingly prioritizing the health of communities and the planet, in addition to their own health. Companies that also prioritize these values as well are among the fastest growing brands out there.

Running a sustainable business is no longer just a nice-to-have marketing initiative. Consumers are voting with their wallets–and their votes are going to businesses that operate responsibly and sustainably for the health of people and the planet. This is reflected by the dramatic growth of CPG brands that have sustainability built in to their DNA, which are now some of the fastest growing businesses in the country.

Not only are consumers flocking towards brands that place an emphasis on things like personal health, wellness, and societal issues, most of them are willing to pay a premium for it, with recent NielsenIQ data showing that 72% of people are willing to pay more for products that claim to be sustainable. Given this change in consumer values, it's critical that brands understand the four pillars of sustainable business and the trends creating momentum in each area.

Download this eGuide from NielsenIQ to learn what exactly makes up these pillars of sustainability and discover proprietary market data that can help CPG brands understand the consumer purchasing trends that are driving this unprecedented growth.

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