IdeaSphere Adds Natural Spring Water to its Global Product Portfolio

NEW YORK, Sept 25, 2006 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- IdeaSphere Inc., the New York-based healthcare company specializing in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrition products, today announced its entry into the natural spring water marketplace with the acquisition of the assets of Cole Bros. Water Company. This transaction gives IdeaSphere ownership of a unique spring that provides the highest level of natural calcium in any still water bottled in the US.

IdeaSphere will now bottle and distribute natural spring water that boasts 65 mg of naturally occurring, highly absorbable calcium per 16.9 ounce serving -- a level well above many leading brands with less than 50 percent of this amount. This rich supply of calcium is linked to several potential health benefits, including prevention of osteoporosis and weight loss support. In addition, this water is rich with other minerals essential to wellness such as fluoride and magnesium.

This announcement by IdeaSphere comes approximately one month following its purchase of Boehringer Ingelheim's Natural Healthcare company and business Pharmaton SA (Lugano). "We're on a consistent path to strengthening and expanding our capacity as the global leader in health and wellness," said Mark Fox, President & Chief Operating Officer of IdeaSphere. "This spring water asset is another premium brand in our extensive portfolio of science-based, consumer-focused and content-driven health and nutritional products."

The unique mineral composition of the natural spring water is linked to its sourcing from an exclusive aquifer based in Peru, Indiana that is geologically benefited by the abundance of limestone. The water has the benefit of being naturally filtered through dense sand beds which naturally cleanses it of impurities before reaching the limestone table.
"With 65 mg of elemental calcium in a 16.9 ounce serving, our water is an important solution to the alarming rate and health consequences of calcium deficiency in our country today," said Greg Grohoski, Chief Science and R&D Officer at IdeaSphere. "Based on a loading factor, humans only absorb about 90 mg of calcium at any one time. This is why a 16.9 ounce bottle of our water supplies almost as much calcium as a glass of milk."

About IdeaSphere, Inc.
IdeaSphere is an innovative global company focused on delivering healthy lifestyle solutions to a broad spectrum of individuals. With more than 1,500 consumer-focused, science-based, content-driven nutrition products across a range of innovative formulations, IdeaSphere is an emerging leader in the health and wellness sector. IdeaSphere is committed to incorporating the latest medical discoveries and meticulously researched ingredients into trusted and time-tested products. The Company's portfolio of global brands includes Twinlab(R), which includes the Fuel Line of sports and nutritional supplements; Ultra Harvest(R), a premium food-based line of vitamins and minerals; Nature's Herbs(R); Alvita Teas(R); Rebus Publishing(R); Metabolife(R); and Dr. Weil Supplements(R). For more information, visit

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