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[email protected]: Oregon State University launches largest US hemp research center | GMO salmon approved in Indiana

Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top food and supplement headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

Oregon State University launches largest, most comprehensive hemp research center in the nation

Oregon State University officials recently announced plans to build the largest research center in the nation that is solely devoted to the study of hemp. Hemp could potentially become a major agricultural commodity in the United States and abroad because of its usability across several industries and sectors. Read more at Forbes …

Indiana aquafarm is approved to sell genetically modified salmon

Should everything go according to plan, the first batch of around 100,000 genetically engineered salmon will reach the market by late 2020. Some businesses and restaurants, however, have already decided that they won’t be selling them because of the consumer stigma against GMOs. Read more at NPR …

New stackable beer can would eliminate plastic six-pack rings

Innovative stackable cans known as “Fit Packs” use zero plastic to screw together and are currently being tested by Grupo Modelo for Coronas sold in Mexico. In an effort to prevent further plastic pollution, the Fit Pack design will be open source for the entire industry. Read more at Forbes …

One man is trying to fight climate change by mobilizing an unlikely team: Iowa’s farmers

Matt Russell directs a nonprofit that promotes a religious response to global warming, and he preaches that America’s farmers are a “secret weapon” in the climate fight. Russell believes that growers care about global warming far more than past polling has indicated—they just feel they can’t talk about it publicly. Read more at Mother Jones

A new produce warehouse in Los Angeles will prevent millions of pounds of food waste

The Produce Pit Stop is a 6,000-square-food warehouse space in southeastern Los Angeles that has rescued over 77 million pounds of produce to date. It is one of Southern California’s only food recovery spaces, gathering fruit and vegetables from backyards and retailers that would otherwise rot or be thrown out. Read more at Civil Eats …

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