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Regenerative thinking is transforming business, and these leaders are paving the way

At the Epicenter Regenerative Leadership Summit
Forward-thinking business leaders will convene May 15 in Boulder for thoughtful discussion about the future of regeneration.

The word regenerative might bring to mind a system of sustainable agriculture that focuses on building soil health, restoring biodiversity, sequestering carbon and thinking systemically.

But running a regenerative business today encompasses so much more.

Regenerative is another word for holistic—applying more holistic principles to decision-making is really what we’re interested in advocating and facilitating,” said Seleyn DeYarus, founder and director of At the Epicenter, a Boulder, Colorado-based nonprofit that produces events designed to foster values-based business leadership. “It’s about being more comprehensive in how we think about choices.”

It’s also about relationships. “Rather than a transactional view in business, we think relational orientation has a lot of potential to help heal systems that are out of balance,” DeYarus added.

The Epicenter’s upcoming Women Leading Regenerative Summit is a full-day event that will bring together leaders in the regenerative movement to engage in interactive discussion and problem-solving. It’s also a celebration of the women who have led innovation at this level.

For example, a team of women came together to form the Climate Collaborative, which has garnered commitments from hundreds of companies to pursue more climate-friendly practices. And several key members of the executive leadership team at Patagonia, which is pushing the boundaries of corporate responsibility, are women.

“I don’t want to disparage our brothers, because men have a very important role to play in this as well,” DeYarus noted, “but I think women tend to be more oriented toward holistic perceiving.”

Cara Chacon, Patagonia’s vice president of social and environmental responsibility, will join an inspiring lineup of leaders including Megafood’s Medical Director Erin Stokes, ND, EPIC Provisions co-founder Katie Forrest and many more at the Women Leading Regenerative Summit. All of the speakers, plus additional discussion leaders, will also be leading conversations at tables during the course of the day.

“We want people to leave with new insights and ideas and inspiration for how they’ll take these principles of more holistic, regenerative perceiving into decision-making, both inside of their business and in their lives,” DeYarus said.

Find more information about the Women Leading Regenerative Summit, see ticket prices and register at its website.

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