Solbar Launches Low Sodium Soy Isolate

Solbar Industries Ltd., Israel, launches Solpro 957 a low-sodium 90% isolated soy protein at VitaFoods, Geneva, Switzerland.

Following to the marching orders of new management, Solbar is putting lots of focus on quick and unique solutions that can bring value to its customers.

In spite of the fact that salt is an important part of our diet, and the diet of peoples worldwide, international health organizations have made a call to lower salt content of products to the lowest levels possible. Solbar is joining the efforts of responsible food manufacturers when it comes to soy proteins. Gary Brenner, V.P. Marketing and Development, reports that “Solpro 957 has already been approved in the United States and Europe for two key market segments, bakery and ready-to-drink beverages. An important part of improving the nutritional profile of food products is reducing sodium content by 15 to 20 percent, in many cases.”

Solbar maintains that it can reduce typical sodium levels in its soy isolate to 300 mg/100g (3,000 ppm). Typical sodium levels in soy isolates are estimated at 11,000-13,000 ppm. Key factors for successful sodium reduction include guaranteeing that the protein has no metallic flavor, low viscosity and working well in meat and food formulations. According to Brenner, market targets include processed meats, convenience foods, instant soups, bars, cereals and beverages.

Health issues such as high blood pressure are associated with greater risk of heart disease. Excessive sodium levels have been researched and reported in a succession of studies. According to the American Medical Association current salt usage of an estimated 2,300 milligrams per day should be reduced to a more reasonable 1,500 milligrams per day. Most consumers are not aware of how much salt they are really consuming, because three quarters of their sodium intake comes from processed foods rather than the salt shaker.

Solbar, under new ownership since May 2007, has already demonstrated its innovative prowess becoming a market leader for textured soy concentrates in China and the Philippines, steam-textured soy proteins especially designed for instant noodles and a variety of applications employing functional soy protein concentrates and isolated soy proteins developed during the last 3-4 years.

On 2-3 June, Solbar will co-sponsor the 5th International Soy & Health Conference to be held in Ghent (Belgium), which will introduce updated research on the health benefits of soy isoflavones in reducing symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes.
For additional information, contact:
Gary Brenner
V.P. Marketing and Development, Solbar Industries Ltd[email protected], T: +97288632111, F: +97288561455

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