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Super CitriMax Garcinia cambogia certified by LabDoor

Super CitriMax Garcinia cambogia certified by LabDoor
New certification adds to the already established Super CitriMax quality testing.

InterHealth Nutraceuticals is proud to announce that Super CitriMax®, InterHealth’s leading weight-loss branded ingredient, is now LabDoor certified. Super CitriMax is the only Garcinia cambogia certified by LabDoor.

“InterHealth is committed to building trust and transparency with not only manufacturers, but with consumers. Having LabDoor independently test our Super CitriMax brand Garcinia cambogia further ensures our customers and consumers of the purity behind our leading weight-loss brand,” commented Paul Dijkstra, president and CEO of InterHealth. “We have been building a research, safety and patent portfolio for Super CitriMax for 20 years. The integrity of the Super CitriMax brand is something we don’t take lightly. We want manufacturers and consumers to know that there are varying qualities of Garcinia cambogia on the market,” continued Dijkstra.

Several samples of Super CitriMax products were tested by LabDoor for hydroxycitric acid (HCA) content and heavy metals. Super CitriMax met all quality metrics. All chemical testing was performed at FDA-registered analytical laboratories.

Super CitriMax is GMP-manufactured and three tiered intensive quality tested. Super CitriMax goes through a program of intensive independent quality testing stateside and internationally before product is released to the market. Super CitriMax is a patented extract of Garcinia cambogia standardized to 60 percent HCA ionically bound to calcium and potassium for greater bioavailability and efficacy. It is supported by numerous published clinical research and safety studies and is self-affirmed GRAS.

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