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Omega Protein debuts social responsibility report

Omega Protein debuts social responsibility report
Inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility Report outline the company's efforts to build on its tradition as a responsible global provider of healthy, nutritional products. 

Omega Protein Corp. released its inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility Report, outlining its efforts to build on its tradition as a responsible global provider of healthy, nutritional products. The Report reflects the Company's pledge to advance responsible manufacturing practices, community engagement, and environmental sustainability. For more than a century, Omega Protein Corp. has been committed to creating a healthier world.  

"The report outlines our commitment to health, sustainability, traceability, quality assurance, and environmental stewardship through our products and programs. It also emphasizes the Company's service to our communities and the environment as an extension of our mission to create a healthier world through nutritional products," said Omega Protein President and CEO Bret Scholtes.

Omega Protein has consistently innovated to enrich the lives of its consumers. The Company's vertical integration ensures quality and traceability throughout the manufacturing process for consumers worldwide. Omega Protein has also enhanced its infrastructure and improved efficiency, benefitting both consumers and the environment. The newly released CSR Report illustrates the Company's plans to continue its commitment to the environment.

Omega Protein strives to serve as a leader in the communities in which it operates. Giving back to these communities is a key tenet of Omega Protein's values, and the Company works actively to support these areas through service in education, nutrition, health, and wellness. Their CSR Report highlights examples of this commitment, such as Omega Protein's sponsorship of college scholarships and research grants, and support for national and international campaigns fighting hunger and malnutrition. Omega Protein understands and appreciates that the social, economic, and environmental well-being of its surroundings is integral to its success as a company.

For over a century, Omega Protein has continuously evolved through constant innovation. With the debut of its Corporate Social Responsibility Report, Omega Protein pledges to continue its legacy of sustainable operations and community responsibility for the next 100 years and beyond.  

View Omega Protein's Corporate Social Responsibility Report online here


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