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How one food entrepreneur followed her passion to a new storytelling initiative

Frost'd Jessica Hamel food entrepreneur
Ultra runner Jessica Hamel started her own snack brand and is hoping to inspire others with a new video series.

Jessica Hamel, founder of Frost’d, a line of gluten-, dairy- and GMO-free snack frostings, has always harbored an entrepreneurial spirit and a love of discovery. "I love being able to discover really cool stories, brands or food, and then sharing that with people," she says.

Hamel first channeled this enthusiasm into an initiative called the Follow Your Passion Project, a series of Q&As launched August 2016, in which she interviewed and spotlighted female entrepreneurs and their journeys to success. "As a female entrepreneur, I know it takes a lot of work to start a business. And while you see all these success stories, you don’t often hear much about the journey," which can be disheartening, she says. So her interviews often focused on how to survive as an entrepreneur despite setbacks and risks.

Now, the Follow Your Passion Project is undergoing something of a transformation with the launch of the Sweet Talks video series—a new project that goes beyond the scope of female entrepreneurs to feature "anyone living life to the fullest," Hamel says. The spotlights will be tied into Frost’d, as each guest will also teach Hamel a favorite recipe using the product.

"What inspired me about the Follow Your Passion Project was finding amazing entrepreneurs, sharing their stories and inspiring other people," she says. "But what inspires me, too, is people living life to the fullest and not holding back. I want Frost’d to be a platform for inspiration, and for people to see it as not just a frosting company but also as a place to discover really cool stories, brands and companies."

Hamel launched the first Sweet Talks videos (an interview and a recipe tutorial) earlier this month, with a plan to post about two per month on the Frost’d website, social media and YouTube channels.

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