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Natural Products Expo

Natural Products Expo East 2018 trend preview: New ways with hydration

Hydration products at Expo East
The quest for hydration might partially be driving growing bottled water sales, but satisfying the body's thirst comes in other ways, too. Just take a look at these must-see quenching products exhibiting at Natural Products Expo East 2018.

From vitamin-infused beverages to hyaluronic acid-containing face toners, pioneering companies are focusing on hydration across natural products categories. Here are a few standout brands and the   forward-thinking products you'll find on the Natural Products Expo East 2018 show floor.


Loco Coffee Co. Original Cold Brew Coffee + Coconut Water
Like a gentle whisper, coconut water concentrate lightly sweetens cold brew coffee for a delicious, refreshing beverage that would delight any energy drink consumer. With 275 mg caffeine and 570 mg of potassium (that’s more than a banana!), this 12-ounce can contains just 45 calories and 7 grams sugar. SRP: $3.99; Booth 558


Herbal Dynamics Beauty Rose Water Calming Face Toner
Dry climates, long airplane rides and spending a teensy bit too much time in the sun are no matches for this rose-tinted facial toner, which contains a cooling blend of aloe vera gel, green tea extract, chamomile, witch hazel and rose oil. Also inside: hyaluronic acid, a key molecule involved in skin moisture. We also love how Herbal Dynamics never, never tests its products on animals. SRP: $20; Booth 8221

Thirty Strawberry Watermelon Natural Rehydration Drink
Say goodbye to ultra-sugary sports drinks that leave the consumer squirming with a stomachache and embrace instead this 30-calorie clean rehydration drink that’s designed to deliver electrolytes and other recovery nutrients such as vitamin B12, B6 and B3. Notably, Thirty is sweetened with a blend of non-GMO cane sugar, monk fruit and stevia, which helps this beverage have 66 percent less sugar than average sports drinks. SRP: $1.99; Booth 4802

Caskai Sparkling Cascara Infusion
Coffee fruit—the bright-red cherry surrounding the coffee bean—is quickly growing more popular with natural consumers thanks to its tart, bright taste, high antioxidant content and inspiring food waste mitigation story (coffee fruit is usually discarded in the field). Caskai steeps sun-dried coffee fruit in water, adds a touch of organic cane sugar and carbonates it into a fizzy, healthy beverage. SRP: $2.79; Booth 6443

HyVida Hydrogen Sparkling Water Raspberry
There are a whole host of benefits associated with drinking water infused with added hydrogen. But we love HyVida because what’s not in this fizzy drink: there’s no sugar, sweetener of any kind, caffeine or calories. Only carbonated water, natural flavoring and 30 mg magnesium are inside. SRP: $2.30; Booth 4407

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