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Arla dairy proteins a 'dream come true'

Arla dairy proteins a 'dream come true'

Innovative dairy protein ingredients fit for the next generation of sports nutrition and lifestyle beverages are set to take center-stage for Arla Foods Ingredients at SupplySide West Expo 2013.

Exhibiting on Booth #19084, Arla Foods Ingredients (Basking Ridge, N.J.) will highlight the capabilities of its Lacprodan® HYDRO.365 whey protein hydrolysate. This is a “gold standard” dairy protein that is absorbed more quickly by the body, resulting in significantly faster muscle recovery after exercise, enabling elite athletes to compete at their best time after time.

A completely clear concept drink incorporating HYDRO.365 has been developed by Arla Foods Ingredients—specifically for SupplySide West—to showcase the potential for creating consumer-friendly high-performance sports recovery drinks using this ground-breaking protein ingredient. A powder blend for making up shakes will also be on show.

Arla Foods Ingredients recently created a new website to communicate the benefits of HYDRO.365. Available to view at, the microsite is designed to be a knowledge-sharing resource that will enable manufacturers of sports nutrition products to explore how HYDRO.365 could give them an edge over their competitors.

Also at SupplySide West, Arla Foods Ingredients will introduce Protein Water, a prototype beverage developed to demonstrate to drinks companies the potential for incorporating high quality whey protein isolate into a great-tasting beverage that is sure to have wide consumer appeal.

Protein Water contains Arla Foods Ingredients’ Lacprodan® DI-9213, a whey protein isolate ideally suited to formulating crystal-clear drinks that are easy for consumers to integrate into their daily lives. The concept beverage highlights how manufacturers can capture the opportunity to develop an all-round nutritious drink marketed with health claims for muscles and bones—and free of sugar and fat—that appeals to busy shoppers looking for healthier beverage choices.

Jack Madsen, business development manager at Arla Foods Ingredients, said: “Dairy proteins are an innovator’s dream come true. They are a gateway to creating some truly great new product opportunities that are perfectly in tune with the needs and desires of the millions of consumers leading active and healthy lifestyles. SupplySide West Expo is a great forum for us to bring this potential to life.”

Arla Foods Ingredients will exhibit on Booth #19084.

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