Nordic Naturals Receives All Requested NPNs and Offers Bilingual Labels for all Products in the Canadian Market

U.S. based company Nordic Naturals, a major international supplier of omega-3 fish oil products, has received all Natural Product Numbers (NPNs) requested through the Licensed Natural Health Products Database (LNHPD) program headed by Health Canada. The issuance of a product license means that the product has been assessed by Health Canada and has been found to be safe, effective and of high quality under its recommended conditions of use. Consumers can identify licensed natural health products by looking for the eight-digit Natural Product Number (NPN) or Homeopathic Medicine Number (DIN-HM) designation on the label. The company noted that it would begin shipping the newly licensed products by the end of the year.

The 50 licensed skus include various sizes/flavors/delivery systems of the following favorite Nordic Naturals retail and professional products. NPNs are listed at Health Canada (

Canadian Retail Products: Arctic Cod Liver Oil, Arctic Cod Liver Oil-D, Complete Omega 3.6.9, Omega Woman, Omega-3, Ultimate Omega, Ultimate Omega 500, DHA, EPA, Children’s DHA, Omega 3.6.9 Junior, Nordic Berries, Nordic Omega-3 Gummies

Canadian Professional Products: Arctic Cod Liver Oil, Arctic-D Cod Liver Oil, Pro Omega, Arctic Omega, Pro EPA, Pro EPA Xtra, Pro EFA, Pro DHA, Balanced Omega Combination, DHA Junior, Pro EFA Junior, Pro Omega Junior, Nordic Berries and Nordic Omega-3 Gummies

According to Jean-Philippe Sidaner, the company’s National Sales Manager for Canada, “New products will become licensed as formula needs are identified to satisfy the demand of the Canadian market.”

Nordic Naturals products are available in Canada from two distributors, Ecotrend Ecologics at and ProMedics at To learn more about distribution of Nordic Naturals products in Canada, visit Nordic Naturals international site at

Distributing products to over 20 countries on all major continents, Nordic Naturals is the international leader in omega-3 fish oils and EFA blends. The company has built a strong reputation in the omega fatty acid category by delivering exceptional purity, freshness, taste and demonstrating environmental responsibility. Nordic Naturals has over 150 different fish oil products including liquids, soft gels, and children's chewables – all in natural triglyceride form. For information, call 800.662.2544 or visit

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