NutraGenesis receives NPNs for 2 new ingredients

NutraGenesis receives NPNs for 2 new ingredients

AllerGuard Express and Orisett can now be sold throughout Canada.  

NutraGenesis LLC is pleased to announce that Health Canada has issued NPNs for two of its new ingredient offerings, AllerGuard Express™ (NPN 80053988) and Orisett™ (NPN 80052391). These new issuances allow these products to be sold throughout Canada.  

“We are very pleased that our premier glucose metabolism ingredient Orisett™ and our innovative and experiential indoor/outdoor allergy product AllerGuard Express™ are now available to the Canadian dietary supplement marketplace”, says Suzanne McNeary, president and managing director of NutraGenesis.  

Orisett is a breakthrough, naturally derived, patent-pending nutraceutical designed to define the benchmark for the glucose management category. Containing low molecular weight chitosan oligosaccharide bioactives derived from crab shells, clinically tested Orisett helps promotes both long-term blood sugar maintenance as well as short-term postprandial responses via multiple mechanisms of action. Orisett is not to be confused with higher-molecular-weight conventional chitosan products for weight loss. Orisett was developed and manufactured by NutraGenesis supply partner Kunpoong Bio Co. Ltd. of South Korea, a leading international supplier of chitosan oiligosaccharides.

AllerGuard Express is the first naturally derived, respiratory wellness nutracuetical product that is clinically evaluated to be both fast‐acting and highly efficacious. This next generation product addresses respiratory wellness based on a novel tryptase inhibition mechanism which is unique within the natural products industry as well as among mass-market OTC products. The AllerGuard Express NPN claims include “Helps to temporarily relieve symptoms associated with seasonal and environmental allergies”. AllerGuard Express is sold by NutraGenesis under license from supply partner Stragen Pharma SA of Switzerland, a leader in health enhancing nutraceutical ingredients.  

Both proprietary products have been clinically tested in double‐blind, placebo-controlled, human clinical trials and are sold in North America, Asia and Europe. 

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