Bio Springer NA launches new corporate website

Bio Springer NA launches new corporate website

Website offers new ideas for product development using yeast extracts.

Bio Springer North America, developer and manufacturer of clean-label, savory yeast extracts for the food industry, has launched a new website at The goal of the new website is to provide an updated and expanded presentation of Bio Springer as a North America–based company and further distinguish the company from its competitors through the uniqueness of its services and capabilities.

Bio Springer is primarily focused on providing yeast extracts as flavor-enhancing ingredients, mainly for savory applications for the food industry.

“Moving forward, Bio Springer North America is rebranding its product presentation to get closer with customer needs such as develop and sustain short and longer term product creation formats,” said Thierry Jones, sales and marketing director, North American Division.

The new website provides an enhanced platform to help customers find ideas on how to apply yeast extract products, such as find formulas for salt reduction, MSG replacement, and sweet applications.  Application formulas will be updated on a regular basis.  Customers can find complete sales network contact information throughout North America.

“This vision will enable Bio Springer North America to build sustainable long-term customer partnerships, to continuously grow and expand its reach to new markets, while building a viable business plan to promote yeast extracts for multiple uses,” added Jones.

Bio Springer manufactures a wide-range of premium quality yeast extract products that are natural and environmentally sustainable. Bio Springer’s centrally located Iowa plant offers greater accessibility and faster supply to U.S. customers. 

Bio Springer is considered one of the first yeast extract manufacturer in the world and offers only yeast and yeast extracts. In addition, Bio Springer’s highly specialized expertise lends the ability to solve flavoring challenges and create customized blend solutions with highly qualified in-house Ph.D. technical assistance and Research and Development support. Bio Springer benefits from the R&D expertise of its France-based parent company Lesaffre, who provides technology and innovation expertise for the extraction, flavoring and functionality of extracts based on their bank of yeast strains developed over the past 160 years.


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