Gnosis wins NBT award for Mythocondro

Gnosis wins NBT award for Mythocondro

Non-animal chondroitin sulfate was named most effective product development strategy.

Gnosis excels at the Nutraceutical Business & Technology (NBT) Awards with Mythocondro®, the first non-animal chondroitin sulfate (CS), winning the prize in one of the most prestigious category, “The most effective product development strategy”.

Gnosis has surprised the judging panel with an awaited revolutionary ingredient, obtained through an innovative technology able to resolve the long-lasting acknowledged problem of poor quality and potential safety issues of animal-derived CS.

Already awarded in 2011 in the same category, for the development of the folate derivative Quatrefolic®, Gnosis proves to be forefront in the development of innovative and cutting-edge products driven to address present and future challenges of the worldwide nutraceutical industry.

Based on an innovative fermentation technology, the non-animal chondroitin sulfate Mythocondro represents a reliable solution to the growing demand for effective support for bone health among aging populations.

The integration of cutting-edge technology, the knowledge of biochemical pathways and the comprehensive expertise in the characterization of natural ingredients are the recipes used by Gnosis to develop and introduce proprietary ingredients and formulations in the nutraceutical field. Mythocondro® is characterized by high purity, a clear identity profile, a very low content of proteins and other (macro)molecules, as well as a superior biological activity.

“We are honoured to be rewarded with this important recognition and to be part of the excellence of Italian industry,” said the business development director of Gnosis, Marco Berna, at the NBT Award ceremony, held in Geneva on May 15. “Success comes down to hard work and passion that drive the Gnosis multidisciplinary teams in everything we do.”

In partnership with Vitafoods Europe, the NBT Awards celebrates new and significant developments with those that have successfully demonstrated their outstanding contributions to the industry, at the presence of attendees, sponsors and industry professionals.


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