Increase your mental, emotional, and spiritual energy

Energy-boosting supplements




Asian ginseng
(Panax ginseng)

200–500 mg/day

Helps improve endurance and concentration and facilitates the body’s response to daily stress. Also stimulates the central nervous system and improves physical and mental efficiency.

Gotu kola
(Centella asiatica)

60 mg (of a standardized extract), 1–2x/day

Rejuvenates the nervous system, strengthens the adrenals, improves mental function, and helps prevent fatigue. May also help body respond better to stress.


1,000–3,000 mg/day

Helps transfer fatty acids to the mitochondria, the part of the cell responsible for energy production.

(Thodiola rosea)

200 mg (of a standardized extract)/day

Helps stimulate the central nervous system and boost endurance and adrenal function.

(Schisandra chinensis)

2–4 ml (taken as a tincture), 3x/day

Stimulates metabolic functions throughout the body, aids digestion, and strengthens the kidneys and adrenals. Also improves nerve reflexes.

Source: Kim Erickson, herbalist.

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