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Is the Paleo way of eating here to stay?

Is the Paleo way of eating here to stay?

Is eating Paleo another fad diet? Here's a look at the diet's evolution.

Paleo revolutionAre we really in a Paleo revolution? Or is this just another fad diet that will fizzle? While the jury’s still out, don’t be surprised if many of your shoppers stick to the plan (or some form of it) after benefiting from a trial of sugar-free, grain-free eating that emphasizes whole food nutrition. Here’s a look at the diet’s evolution.


Year gastroenterologist Walter L. Voegtlin, MD, first promoted a diet emphasizing foods eaten during the Paleolithic Era


Percent of current Paleo followers who first heard of the diet in 2011, compared with 5 percent who became aware of it in 2008*


Percent of followers who learned about the diet on the Internet


Number of Paleo diet–related books for sale at Amazon


Year ranked Paleo experts Mark Sisson and Robb Wolf among the top 35 most influential people in health and fitness

*In 2012, surveyed readers about their Paleo lifestyles and received 5,303 entries


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