After Baby Boost® Post Pregnancy Products are Safe

After Baby Boost 1 daily postnatal nutritional support for women is safe. New tests show the lead content of a daily dose of After Baby Boost 1 is 0.328 mcg per serving ( 4 capsules). These results prove After Baby Boost 1 contains lead levels significantly below FDA safe levels.

After Baby Boost 1, 2 and 3 are safe. The lead content in a daily dose of After Baby Boost 1 is 0.328 mcg per serving ( 4 capsules). These results are well below levels considered safe by the FDA. A copy of this report is available at After Baby Boost 2 showed NO detectable levels of lead. After Baby Boost 3 shows less than 0.500 mcg per serving (4 capsules).

Sound Formulas LLC constantly strives to provide high quality products that are safe and healthy for mothers and babies. In this effort, we have tested our products using state-of –the-art methods to prove that After Baby Boost 1 is safe.

An FDA survey of multivitamin-mineral products for pregnant and lactating women released in August 2008, tested products sold in June and July of 2007. FDA tests showed that our product After Baby Boost 1 and After Baby Boost 3 contained lead levels that were within acceptable FDA safe levels. FDA tests on After Baby Boost 2 showed NO detectable levels of lead. The FDA limits daily lead intake to 25 micrograms for pregnant and lactating women. The FDA tests were performed on products manufactured in 2007.

While we were pleased that FDA validated low lead levels in After Baby Boost 1and 3, those levels were not acceptable to us. Our goal is to provide the highest quality, safest products available. So in early 2008, we changed manufacturers and the product presently available for purchase has been confirmed to contain very low lead levels, using the same standards used in the FDA survey.

We are committed to the health of mothers and babies. As good corporate citizens, we maintain the strictest quality standards and good manufacturing practices to assure you that our products of the highest quality products available on the market today.


Regarding the FDA and lead content in open letter to our mommies:

Several years ago when my husband and I started Sound Formulas, we made an agreement that we would never compromise quality for profit. Mommies became not only our mission, but our ministry. Our vision is to change the paradigm by which postpartum women and pregnant women are treated by the health care industry. We are advocates of natural care whenever possible and responsible pharmaceutical care when necessary. The blending of both can benefit pregnant or post pregnant woman.

This year the Food and Drug Administration tested over 300 nutritional products to ascertain lead levels. The good news is that all of the products tested, including ours, were well within the "safe" ranges as put forth by the FDA. The vitamin industry actually does a good job of monitoring itself. However, our postnatal nutrient multiple vitamin After Baby Boost #1, tested higher in lead than many others. I have two things to say about that:
1. We changed manufacturers in January of 2008 because we felt we were not getting as high a quality product as we wanted. Since January of 2008 our products have been manufactured by a contract manufacturer in California which is to our high standard. The batch tested by the FDA was from 2007. When we saw the results of the FDA study, we replicated the exact test with an independent lab and tested the After Baby Boost multiple #1 for lead content. The results were .328mcg compared to 8.97 per dosage. You can rest assured that when Sound Formulas sees room for improvement and correction, we will make those improvements!
2. Our After Baby Boost product has many more ingredients at a higher density than any other product for the prenatal/postnatal periods. In that regard had One-A-Day Women's multiple contained the same amount of nutrients at a similar dosage, there would not have been much difference in how they were rated as to lead content. It is unfortunate that we live in a time where lead and other toxins are in our soil and our air. It makes our job at Sound Formulas even more sobering to know that we must always strive to purchase the cleanest, highest quality ingredients possible.

Even though our new results are lower, we want you to know that the older 2007 batch tested by the FDA was safe. You can see the recent lead testing that was done on our product by visiting our website at

We at Sound Formulas will continue to strive for the very best, highest quality nutrients we can provide. As I said, mommies are not just our mission, but our ministry. We are here to serve mothers in the best possible way that we know how. We are here to act as good corporate citizens and make sure that our products are safe, high quality and beneficial for all of our customers. If any of you have questions concerns or just want to share your story with us, please do not hesitate to contact me personally at [email protected]

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