Exotic Naturals Introduces Spycus-D

Diabetes is a growing epidemic and what is most alarming is that people are not even aware that they have diabetes until they develop one of its life threatening complications. Exotic Naturals, in its endeavor to make living with diabetes easier, has developed a basket of products for management of diabetes & its complications.

The CEO Jayesh Chaudhary stated, “Spycus-D, is clinically proven to reduce post-prandial blood sugar & has antioxidant properties.” Spycus-D also possesses immunomodulatory property & antimicrobial activity.

“Spucus-D has shown significant reduction in HbA1c indicating good control of blood sugar and works well in improving quality of life” as described by the lead investigator Dr. Vyankatesh Shivane.

Spycus-D was found to be safe and tolerable & no significant changes were seen in any of the vital parameters or laboratory investigations in diabetics who were on Spycus-D. No severe adverse events were noted during the study period.

Founder Exotic Naturals Latha Chaudhry stated, “Diabetes is fast becoming an epidemic, & our carefully selected basket of products for this segment Spycus-D, ADKP & ADM01 could prove to be valuable companions for diabetes patients.” We have completed a Phase II double-blind randomized clinical study for ADKP and ADM01 and are further discussing a placebo-controlled study in a larger sample for Spycus-D. Some of these products will be available as Ingredients for Dietary Supplements whereas others may be approved as traditional herbal medicine depending on local regulations.

As a part of its business expansion process, Exotic is seeking alliance partners for marketing and distribution of Spycus-D & its other research based products in North America, Europe, South East Asia, Australia & New Zealand & is also open to co-development, co-branding or co-marketing of products.

Company profile
Exotic Naturals is a Mumbai, India-based firm active in the design and development of clinically tested dietary ingredients and formulas. In keeping with its mission & innovative R & D efforts, Exotic has developed products in some of the fastest growing health categories - Male Sexual Dysfunction (www.heezon.co.in), Lipid Lowering, Diabetes Type 2 &1, Weight Loss, Allergy, Ulcers, Insomnia, Osteoarthritis & Antioxidants; with lots more at the R & D stage. All products at Exotic are of premium quality, clinically proven to be safe and effective and are ready to be marketed all over the globe.

For more information on Exotic Naturals & its products visit www.exoticnatural.com

For more information, please contact:
Rekha Patel
[email protected]

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