Nutralliance's SunE900 now Non-GMO Project Verified

Nutralliance's SunE900 now Non-GMO Project Verified

Alternative to natural soy-based vitamin E offers consumers assurance with SunE900.  

Nutralliance, a national sales and marketing leader of raw materials vital to the dietary supplement, functional food and beverage, and personal care industries, is proud to announce the Non-GMO Project verification of SunE900™ by the nonprofit organization, The Non-GMO Project. The Non-GMO Project Product Verification process and seal assures consumers that a product is free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), including plants or animals that have been grown or raised using gene splicing techniques of biotechnology. The Non-GMO Project is currently the only food label in the U.S. that offers consumers assurance about a company’s product’s GMO avoidance practices status and backs that assurance up with independent, third-party validation and a label.

“For the past six months, we’ve been working with the Non-GMO Project to pursue verification and labeling for SunE900,” said Brian Salerno, president of Nutralliance. “We knew from the beginning that earning Non-GMO Project Verification would be an important endorsement to the market as consumer awareness and demand for Non-GMO ingredients increases.”

“We’re incredibly proud to be a part of the Non-GMO Project’s efforts. As one of the only dedicated Non-GMO natural vitamin E sources in the world, in the heart of the most productive oilseeds-growing region in Argentina, our access to an abundant supply of Non-GMO sunflower seeds ensures full Non-GMO traceability from farm to table,” said Alejandro Abad, general manager of AOM Advanced Organic Materials.


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