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Anemic? Beef up your blood

Yes, I know, we get letters every time we print beef recipes, and I understand that the beef industry is a serious problem in our country on many levels (check out these beef labels to know what you're getting). BUT ... I really am anemic, and I'm finding that I'm craving beef like never before. It's the most absorbable form of iron, and for someone in my condition (I'm low energy all day and pretty darn wiped out by bedtime, which is getting earlier and earlier), it seems to help. But of course I can't eat beef for every meal, every day, so I'm also taking a supplement. My multi provides the basic 18g RDI iron per day, but on the advice of my doctor, I'm taking a supp which has an additional 28g -- and I take it with a glass of orange juice to boost absorption. And I'm trying to pay attention to getting non-heme (non-animal-based) iron too, from all the other healthy things in my diet: beans, dark greens, fortified grains. I'm open to other ideas out there!

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