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Marty Traynor Spencer's Blog

Bison: A tasty treat

Last Thursday I was a speaker at the National Bison Association's Fresh Ideas, New Horizons winter conference. If you're a meat eater and you'e never tried bison, you're missing a very tasty treat. Bison cooks more quickly than beef—on average, it takes about a third less time—and if you're grilling or broiling, the meat should be farther away from the heat source. If you'd like a recipe, you can find some at under the buffalo meat tab.

If you're a retailer and you're thinking about carrying bison, you should know that it's growing in popularity. Sales have been increasing 20 percent for the last few years. That shouldn't be surprising: Bison gives great value as a protein. The meat isn't marbled with fat, so it doesn't shrink like beef does and it's heart healthy. It fits the dietary guidelines of the American Heart Association and it's recommended by Weight Watchers.

The Minnesota Buffalo Association has provided a chart that compares bison to other proteins. It's a comparison worth looking at—and reproducing for your customers to see.

Nutritional Comparisons
Per 100 gram serving of cooked meat
Species Fat
Bison 2.42 143 82 3.42 2.86
Beef (Choice) 10.15 219 86 2.99 2.65
Beef (Select) 8.09 201 86 2.99 2.64
Pork 9.66 212 86 1.10 0.75
Chicken (skinless) 7.41 190 89 1.21 0.33
Salmon 10.97 216 87 0.55 5.80
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