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Dry lips and all

Ever since I burned my lips this past weekend outdoors in the winter sun, they've been incredibly dry and insatiable. I've tried moisturizing with natural lip balms and drinking water to hydrate them. It all helped a little bit, but I've finally resigned myself to just picking off the dead flaky skin and getting on with my life. Not the best beauty advice, I know. But what really chaps my hide (so to speak) is that I could unknowingly be walking around with the biggest lip crust -- gross image, sorry -- imaginable and no one would tell me! This happened just this morning. After having a long conversation with a co-worker, I went to the ladies room only to discover that I'd had an entire heart-to-heart while wearing an embarassing armor of scaly mouth skin. Ugh. Word from the wise: Please, the next time I'm walking down the street with visible lip glop, please offer to buy me a lip balm. I won't take you up on it, promise, but at least you will have done a good deed and I'll know to pick more effectively.

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