Falling in love with Ziggy Marley—and his new line of coconut oils

Falling in love with Ziggy Marley—and his new line of coconut oils

It was love at first note. With songs like, "Love is My Religion," and "True to Myself," which celebrate positivity, harmony and connectedness, I've been enamored with Ziggy Marley for some time. When I learned that the beguiling musician also shares my passion for clean, healthy, organic food, my fascination turned into a serious girl crush.

At Natural Products Expo West this year, Ziggy debuted Coco'mon, a line of organic, flavored coconut oils. I was determined to get up close and personal with the musician to hear about the line—even if it meant hanging out near his booth aimlessly for more than an hour just hoping he would show. He did. After stepping on a few toes and strong-arming my way through the gathering crowd, we had a chance to chat.

My first question? Why would a five-time, Grammy award-winning artist have any interest in launching a line of flavored cooking oils? If for nothing else, hearing his sexy Jamaican accent is reason enough to check out what he had to say.


More coconut? 

Given the proliferation of coconut-enhanced foods in the natural products industry, why launch another product using the super seed? If anyone can lay claim to coconut as a food they were raised on, it's the Jamaican-born and bred Marley who grew up drinking its juice and eating its meat. He wanted to offer a minimally processed, organic product that supported "clean" eating. "Everything you do has to be good for you, the music and the food, otherwise I wouldn’t do it," he says. Here he talks about the three flavors in the line and how he uses them.


Everything is connected 

Can eating better-for-you foods really change the world? Absolutely, says Marley who reminded me that everything is connected. "I want people to start thinking about what they're putting in their bodies," he says. "If we can get more people to think that way, we'll have more healthy people on the planet and clearer minds." Amen.

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