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Quell inflammation with olive oil-rich diet

publisher3.jpgNew research from Biomed Central Genomics shows that olive oil can help tame inflammation and minimize heart disease risk. Findings show that consumption of a virgin olive oil-based breakfast can reduce the effects of genes that promote inflammation. The study cited reduced risk of cardiovascular disease in Mediterranean countries where virgin olive oil is a widely used source of healthy, monounsaturated dietary fat. Results showed that olive oil obtained through an olive oil-based breakfast such as a Sprouted-Wheat Breakfast Sandwich effectively turned down and diminished the effect of inflammation-causing genes in the 4-hour after-meal period. Researchers say the results of the study successfully link inflammation to obesity and diet, and demonstrate the healthy effects of virgin olive oil. They were uncertain, however, whether prolonged consumption of an olive oil diet would yield the same beneficial effects seen in the short run.

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