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How to keep brand loyalty and gain market share amidst inflation – download

How to keep brand loyalty and gain market share amidst inflation – download
Inflation and cost savings are at the front of consumer’s minds when shopping. To survive the difficult landscape, Inmar suggests that brands leverage targeted, personal offers to retain brand loyalty and communicate consistent savings to consumers.

Consumers are rightfully watching their budgets as economic turbulence and inflation continue to rise. This directly impacts brand loyalty, and brands must stay abreast of what consumers want by utilizing analytics and responding to customer needs.

Notably, 87% of consumers actively switching brands in hopes of cutting costs. Brands should see this as an opportunity to up their offensive to retain and gain new customers instead of simply aiming to not lose consumers. Strategic, consistent discounting is seen as the most effective strategy in retaining and growing customer base, and Inmar’s Digital Incentive Network enables brands to execute digital offers quickly and easily to over 135MM shoppers, drive immediate sales impact and amplify customer loyalty. 

Download this guide to learn how Inmar Intelligence can help brands retain and grow their customer’s loyalty when it matters most!

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