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Infographic Health technology trends among shoppers

Infographic: Health, technology trends among shoppers

Sure, you've heard that today's informed consumer is always one step ahead of the retailer—using the knowledge at their literal fingertips to dig for information and/or a better price—but to what extent? For better or worse, digital engagement actually lags during trips to the grocery store, according to this Supermarket News infographic.

While there's likely still enough faces buried in Facebook at checkout to be thorougly annoying, only 14 percent of shoppers report using social networking regularly for grocery shopping... with just 36 percent doing so via websites. Be that as it may, nearly half the survey respondents report the Internet as the primary reason for eating healthy—even if they think (61 percent) eating that way is more expensive.

Clearly, shoppers will always use digital technology to help inform buying decisions, but for now, it appears it's not as integrated a part of the grocery shopping process, giving retailers the customer service upper hand.

Infographic: Health, technology trends among shoppers

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