Freeze-dried raspberries
Van Drunen Farms' freeze-dried raspberries can be used in fillings, fruit snacks and cereals, and have the added benefit that they are resistant to spoilage, unlike fresh or frozen berries. They mix well with whole grains and contain all of the nutrition of their fresh fruit counterparts, the company says. The berries are available in whole berry, sliced granular or powdered varieties, with a form and pack size suitable for different operations.

+1 815 472 3545

Yoghurt base ingredients line
Tate & Lyle has launched CARB OPTIMIZER 30 Yogurt Base Ingredients, a new solution set for low-fat, low-calorie, low-sugar yoghurts in the US. Rated as 'good as regular' in taste and texture attributes in independent sensory tests, Tate & Lyle's recommended formula creates a nutritionally balanced yoghurt with a creamy appearance and mouthfeel. This formula delivers 30 per cent less sugar and 30 per cent fewer calories (per 170g serving) when compared to the one per cent yoghurt of the leading market brand. Using the recommended formula, manufacturers can create a gelatin-free product that provides 20 per cent of the recommended daily calcium intake and a reduced glycaemic carbohydrate content.

+1 800 526 5728

Cranberries enriched with omega-3s
Omega-3 fortified sweetened dried cranberries, enhanced with OmegaCran cranberry seed oil, provide 240mg of omega-3 fatty acids per one-third cup serving. Unveiled by Decas Cranberry Products in Massachusettes, the fortified sweetened dried cranberries are the latest addition to the company's family of cranberry-based speciality ingredients, which also include cranberry concentrate and fresh cranberries. Applications for the new product include healthy snacks, cereals, yoghurt, muffins, salads, cookies, pancakes, breads and desserts. OmegaCran is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamin E, and contains high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

+1 508 295 0147

Two new launches by Stepan Co
Stepan Co Food and Health Specialties has introduced two ingredients: Stepan EDS and DREWPOL 3-5-CC. Stepan EDS (erythritol distearate), available as a hard flake, has a high melting point of 80° C. An encapsulate, it provides a barrier to the breakdown of sensitive nutritional components — particularly those susceptible to oxidative degradation. DREWPOL 3-5-CC is a polyglycerol ester derived from medium-chain fatty acids. Like Stepan's NEOBEE Medium Chain Triglycerides, DREWPOL 3-5-CC can be used as a carrier of flavours, vitamins, essential oils and colours, but is unique because it exhibits a relatively high viscosity of 100 cP at 25° C and a low freeze point of -40° C.

+1 201 712 7642

Powdered pomegranate extract
Pastry ingredient maker Amoretti has added two new extracts to its line of more than 20 pomegranate products. The two extracts, one each from the young and mature pomegranate, are obtained utilizing sun dehydration, which the company says helps preserve the micronutrients, flavonoids, enzymes, colour and taste. The process yields an easy-flowing powder that can be used in juice, supper foods, teas, cosmetics and encapsulation.

+1 800 266 7388

CardioAid phytosterols
ADM Natural Health and Nutrition added three new products to its CardioAid brand of phytosterols and phytosterol esters: CardioAid-GA, CardioAid-M and CardioAid-WD. CardioAid-GA phytosterol esters is an off-white granular powder with bland colour and taste allowing its use in delicately flavoured and colour sensitive foods. CardioAid-M phytosterols, an off-white ultra-fine powder, can be used in similar applications to CardioAid-GA and is appropriate for use in food supplements. CardioAid-WD, a light-coloured powder with a slight odour and taste, is suitable for inclusion in foods such as low-fat or fat-free dairy applications (either in powder or liquid form), beverage whiteners and dairy beverage powders for hot drinks. As CardioAid-WD contains phytosterols rather than phytosterol esters and has good handling properties, it may also be added to food supplements.

+31 75 64 64 646

Bamboo leaf extract from China
Bamboo leaf extract, known as a source of active, health- and longevity-enhancing compounds — including flavone, phenolic acid, lactone, polyose, amino acid and microelements — is being produced by Cactus Botanics of the UK. The ingredient, named Bamboo Leaves Dry Extract, is being marketed initially for use in dietary supplements. However, the company says that it is applicable to nutraceutical beverages or milk powder, due to its high water solubility, and in cosmetics. The extract is manufactured through the process of water-ethanol extraction, then filtered by membrane chromatography, concentrated by vacuum and then spray dried. According to the company, even under unfavourable conditions in which the local concentration far exceeds the limit, there will be no oxidation-promotion effects, which occur generally in tea polyphenols.

+86 21 516 6902

Oat extract for the mind
Frutarom, a multinational manufacturer of herbal extracts, is targeting the mental health market. The company scientifically selected the best-performing accession of Avena sativa, as raw material for its new extract named EFLA955 Wild Green Oat Neuravena Special Extract. Knowing that green oat preparations have been in use since medieval times to support mental health, the company used a CNS system to test for cognitive function, stress/burnout and chronic fatigue. The product is to be unveiled at Vitafoods.
+41 44 782 64 64

Less sugar, more fibre
Ocean Spray ITG has launched a new sweetened dried cranberry with 50 per cent less sugar and twice the fibre of the original product. The ingredient allows manufacturers to produce diet or light foods and boost health claims by declaring a reduced-sugar, high-fibre fruit content, the Massachusetts-based company says. The light cranberry does not contain artificial sweeteners; instead its combination of complex carbohydrates is designed to lend sweetness and deliver a balanced glycaemic response. Ocean Spray ITG is part of Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc, which currently ranks as one of the top 50 US food and beverage companies.

+44 1775 842100

Triglyceride oils without taste or smell
Pronova Biocare in Norway has developed a process to deodorize its EPAX triglyceride (TG) oils. These deodorized oils are virtually without taste and smell. The process is based on technology using enzymes for the triglyceride formation, securing a milder treatment of the oils in relation to traditional chemical processes. The deodorized products available are EPAX 6000 TG/N, EPAX 1050 TG/N, EPAX 5500 TG/N, EPAX 4510 TG/N and EPAX 6015 TG/N.
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