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Douglas Laboratories Presents New Wobenzym® Professional Strength

Douglas Laboratories and Mucos, LLC are proud to offer their newest professional strength systemic enzyme supplement, Wobenzym® PS, available exclusively to health care professionals.

For more than 60 years, Wobenzym® has been a trusted name for systemic enzyme support. Developed by leading scientists and used by millions of people worldwide, the family of Wobenzym® products has been proven to be safe and beneficial for overall immune support.

Backed by decades of clinical research and published studies, Wobenzym® supplies specific enzymes to the body to support immune function, joint, muscle and tendon health, as well as normal wound healing. Now, the new Wobenzym® PS provides health professionals with a unique blend of enzymes in an enhanced formula with twice the strength of active ingredients; Bromelain, Trypsin, and Rutoside compared to Wobenzym N.

With worldwide headquarters located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Douglas Laboratories currently offers approximately 700 branded nutraceutical products along with new products introduced on a continuing basis. Working with an experienced research staff of PhDs and a world-renowned medical advisory board, Douglas Laboratories’ commitment to bring innovative, clinically supported products to the marketplace to support patient needs is unsurpassed.
For additional information on Douglas Laboratories, visit, email [email protected], or call 1-888-DOUGLAB.

Mucos Pharma, an affiliate German company to Mucos LLC, in USA, is a future-oriented pharmaceutical initiative with high scientific competence, expertise and growth potential. Since the establishment of Mucos Pharma nearly 60 years ago, the company has continued to develop its international presence.
For additional information on Mucos, LLC, visit

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