Stayhealthy Body Composition Analysis Found Effective in Study

A University of Southern California study appearing in the current issue of peer-review journal, Nutrition Research reports that the user-friendly, Web-native Stayhealthy BC1 System offers clinical-grade body composition analysis comparable to the most rigorous clinical tools. According to the company, the study's findings open the door to a new, far more effective and engaging model for health and fitness measurement, reporting body composition analysis, rather than body weight or the outdated body mass index.

"The research is conclusive and valid," said lead researcher Dr. E. Todd Schroeder, "Stayhealthy provides body composition analysis comparable to an in-office, head-to-toe X-ray from a DXA scanner."

Body composition analysis provided by Stayhealthy is far more accurate in measuring health and health risks than total body weight, or Body Mass Index (BMI) metrics, which have been long used as health indicators. Body composition analyzes total body weight in two categories - "good pounds" or lean mass (such as muscle, bone, and organs), versus "bad pounds" or excess body fat. It also analyzes hydration, the amount of water in the body. An unhealthy body composition ratio may be a precursor to elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels, type II diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.

"With Stayhealthy, users learn that it's more than just losing or gaining a few pounds; the relationship of body fat to muscle is a far better indicator of good health, something that has not been largely understood until recent years," said Randall Wilkinson, M.D., Founder of Live Well Weight Loss Center. "In some cases, individuals can become healthier, simply by shifting a few pounds of fat to lean mass," said Dr. Wilkinson.

According to Stayhealthy CEO, John Collins, "This study confirms that participants will have easy and constant access to accurate, actionable data, enabling them to set health goals, view results, and monitor progress over time via a personalized, secure dashboard. Equipped with more accurate and compelling information, participants are likely to be more fully engaged to manage their own personal health and wellness."

Stuart Sutley, President of URAC-accredited Innovative Wellness Solutions (IWS), a firm that has provided the Stayhealthy system to thousands of participants said, "Successful wellness programs depend on full participation and employee engagement. By providing precise, accessible body composition data, a program powered by Stayhealthy can be expected to retain users, promote health and contribute to healthcare savings."

"The University of Southern California study results are further evidence of the strong value we bring to partners through our 'powered by Stayhealthy' offerings. There is growing recognition that only the Stayhealthy Total Body Composition Management System(TM) offers access to accurate clinical-grade measurement over time in a HIPAA-compliant, web-enabled wellness management system easily used by consumers. What's more, it meets the needs of healthcare providers looking for full population health management data analysis," said Brian Baum, president.

For Dr. David B. Nash, Dean of the Jefferson School of Population Health at ThomasJeffersonUniversity, "This innovation by Stayhealthy offers an important opportunity to reframe the obesity epidemic and provides a new system in our efforts to eradicate it."

About The Study

For the study published in the current June Nutrition Research journal ("Validity and Reliability of the Stayhealthy BC1 Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer for the Prediction of Body Fat in Children and Adults"), 400 healthy subjects were measured over 24 months to validate the Company's body composition measurements against full-body in-office DXA (Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) as well as against in-water Hydrostatic Weighing. Testing included use of new analytical algorithms developed by researchers to match DXA standards. The consistency of measured fat values by the Stayhealthy method were found to be highly accurate to within >0.99 with modest variances. The full journal article is available at (10)00066-7/abstract.

About Stayhealthy

Stayhealthy, Inc., based in Monrovia, CA, is a privately owned health solutions company committed to changing the way the world measures health and fitness. At the core of the Stayhealthy solution is its advanced web-enabled, clinically researched technology for accurately and consistently measuring individual body composition. Developed over more than fifteen years of research and clinical validation, Stayhealthy links this technology to its revolutionary activity monitor to bring a complete solution to individuals attempting to proactively manage their health. The Stayhealthy Total Body Composition Management System(TM) allows individuals to understand their health status, set goals for improvement, and monitor progress. For the sponsor of a program, the Stayhealthy system provides comprehensive reporting at a population level, so overall program performance and progress can be monitored and adjusted as necessary. Stayhealthy solutions are ushering in a new era of proactive health management at the consumer level through its healthcare and employee benefit partners. More information is available at

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