BioActives gets patent for Policosanol with improved bioavailability

BioActives gets patent for Policosanol with improved bioavailability

Policosanol complex marketed as MicroActive is derived from sugarcane wax and believed to promote heart health.

BioActives LLC of Worcester, Mass., was recently issued a patent for a highly water-dispersible Policosanol complex marketed under its MicroActive® brand name. Policosanol derived from sugarcane wax is believed to promote heart and circulatory health. Improving its ability to disperse in water leads to a more highly bioavailable form.

Dan Kagan, PhD, a partner at BioActives LLC, believes, “MicroActive® Policosanol when paired with MicroActive CoQ10 creates a highly bioavailable sustained-release product with superior heart-health benefits.” He goes on to say, “These products are part of our collection of heart-health-focused products such as Cardio HB, a standardize hibiscus extract, and 3nB Celery Seed Extract, a high-phthalides extract believed to lower blood pressure.

MicroActive Policosanol adds to a growing line of highly-bioavailable MicroActive ingredients with sustained-release properties. These ingredients limit the variations in absorption from person-to-person thereby creating a better product for consumers. Many of the MicroActive products are distributed in partnership with Maypro Industries of Purchase, N.Y.


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